About Us

Our journey started at Sultanhamam with the establish- ment of a Yakut Yazma textile company in 1984. Our company, which entered the sector fast as of establishment, reached big sales figures in the sector in a short time. We put up for sale our traditional scarfs that we produce at our Bursa and Usak facilities to Turkey with our wide dealer network and continuing doing this. Until the starting of 2000s, our company that produced ‘yazma’and headkerchiefs continued its strong manufactoring experience with scarf, shawl, foulard and other accessory categories. And it continued its rapid growth by showing acceleration in different textile acces- sory areas. In 2018, we entered the retail and e-commerce sectors by establishing the Modakasmir brand. Today, in Bursa and Usak weaving facilities we continue on our way with our monthly fabric production capacity between 500,000-1,000,000 meters in the categories from cheesecloth to shawl, scarf, foulard and headkerchief. While contuing to produce and sell wholesale ruby scarfs and headkerchiefs to all Turkey, our Modakasmir company continues to grow even more with its strong production capacity in the wholesale and retail sectors, distribution network and brand awareness.

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Türkiye İş Bankası,kuveyttürk,akbank
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